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Covid - 19 - Vaccination

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 Vaccine

Are you in a dilemma whether to take the covid-19 Vaccine or not? Of course, being worried and confused is natural, but trusting the rumours and believing the false news isn't right. So, to end your confusion, we have come up with this blog to give you complete information about covid-19 Vaccination, how effective it is, which Vaccination to prefer and a lot more.

Why get Covid-19 Vaccination?

Covid-19 has completely turned our world upside down. The Global Health system and economy has crashed to their roots. Yet, despite lockdown and other repetitive efforts, there is no sign of the covid-19 slowing down or stopping.

India suffered the first wave in 2020, the second wave in 2021. We lost many families, doctors, nurses, and medical staff in this battle against covid-19. Vaccination is the only effective measure that can prevent and control this pandemic.

What are different types of Vaccine not available in India?

In India, we have three types of Vaccination available:


Covaxin is developed by an Indian startup called Bharat Biotech International limited with ICMR and the National Institute of Virology. The Vaccine contains a dead covid virus incapable of infecting people but helps build an immunity wall against the infection.

The time duration between two doses of covaxin is 4-6 weeks. The Vaccine is 78-95% effective after the second dose. This Vaccine can be used for people who are above 18 years.


Covidshiled, known as Oxford Astrazeneca, is developed with the help of a viral vector platform. The time duration between two doses of covaxin is 12-16 weeks. The Vaccine is 75-90% effective after the second dose. This Vaccine can be used for people who are above 18 years.

Sputnik V

A Russian based vaccine that has recently been approved in India. The time duration between two doses of covaxin is 3-4 weeks. The Vaccine will be soon available in the market.

What to do after receiving a vaccination?

Once you take your Vaccination, make sure that you stay at home for 3-4 days. Remember, your immunity will start reducing, so make sure you eat healthy and drink many fluids. Avoid starving for a longer duration of time. Take proper sleep and don't stress much.

You might suffer from a slight fever, body pain, headache and pain in the arm, so don't panic! It is completely natural if your fever prevails longer. Contact your doctor immediately.

People who are not eligible for taking Vaccination
Following people should avoid taking Vaccination:
  • 1. Pregnant women and lactating women
  • 2. People who have an allergic reaction
  • 3. Someone who has just recovered from covid-19
  • 4. Someone on temporary medication
Myths related to covid Vaccine

Here are a few myths and facts related to you. Here are a few myths and facts related to the covid-19 Vaccine.

Myth 1

Covid Vaccine is quite unsafe as it took less time to develop.


The Vaccine is quite safe and effective. These are well tested and certified.

Myth 2

You die after two years of taking the Vaccine.


There is no evidence for it. It is completely baseless.

Myth 3

Severe reaction to allergic reaction


Some people might witness some mild side effect after taking the Vaccine. Extreme rare people witness severe allergic reaction, especially those who have a history of reaction.

Myth 4

If you get the Vaccine, you don't need a mask


The Vaccine reduces the chances of Covid-19. So wearing the mask, social distancing, and washing hands are the necessities you need to follow.


Don't waste your time and get your first jab today. You can get any of the Vaccination. All three of them are tested and tried. Wear a mask, wash hands and maintain physical distance even if you get vaccinated. We know time is tough, but together we can fight back.

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